Saturday, December 17, 2022

The Algoma Guardian Passes By

 Like I said in my last post, I decided to go boatwatching today.  It wasn't a great day but since I haven't seen a ton of ships lately, it was pretty good.

The Algoma Guardian was heading down from Thunder Bay.
She was heading to Quebec City.
I presume she had a load of grain.
These ships need  to get their last loads in.  They have two more weeks before the Welland Canal closes for the season.
I suspect that she will make one more trip.
She should be in Quebec City by Tuesday.
I'm not sure how long the reload takes.
But I suspect that gives her time for one more trip.
anyway, it was nice to see her.
I have a feeling I don't have much longer to see her.
The almost beam shot.
A closeup of her pilothouse.
Sometimes I feel like I need a tetanus shot to do this.
She passes by.
One more shot.

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