Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Brief Introduction

This is my third attempt at a blog. My first attempt mostly dealt with politics but that has been getting more depressing lately. My second attempt was dealing with traffic issues but that just makes my blood boil. In this attempt I will display some of the fruits of my

I started photography in earnest about 21 years ago when I took a photojournalism class in High School. It was a pretty fun class, I learned about different aspects of photography even how to develop black and white film and prints. I liked the class so much that I took a second semester and a couple of my pictures even made it into the yearbook.

I didn't do as much photography while I was in college as I didn't really have the time. I picked it up a little bit after college mostly taking pictures of air shows and stuff. But it wasn't really in earnest. Then I went down to Dayton with a friend and he had a digital camera. It was pretty cool. It was really cool to see the pictures as you are taking them and if they didn't turn out, you could take them again.

So I took the plunge and got myself a Kodak DC240. It was a pretty good camera but it went through the batteries fairly quickly, didn't have the greatest zoom and it didn't take pictures quickly. I did have some fun with it but it was lacking something.

So then I got myself a Panasonic FZ7. It was a very fun camera, had an awesome zoom and it didn't take long to process the pictures. It felt almost like having the Pentax again because I could control shutter speed and had some control of the f-stop. But it still was lacking.

Then I found out about Digital SLR cameras. They sounded just like what the doctor ordered. After doing some research, I decided on a Canon 40D and I love it to death. I got it about 3 months ago and I've taken about 4000 pictures so far. What's really nice is that I feel like it will give me plenty of things to learn about.

Anyways, this will mostly be about Michigan but I will post from other places as well.

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