Friday, December 8, 2017

On Hiatus for a While

The past couple of weeks have been memorable for me.  About three weeks ago, I felt sicker than a dog but I went to work the next day.  My boss said that  I looked like hell, so I went home a slept.  Went to work the rest of that week, but kind of felt like hell.

I ended up catching the Algoma Niagara even thought I didn't really felt like it.  I felt kind of blah on Thanksgiving Week but I went up to my cousin's anyway.  I didn't eat quite as much as I normally too.  On Friday and Saturday that week, I pretty much slept the weekend.

On that Sunday, I had to do my laundry because I thought I had to go to work the next day.  I got the laundry in but barely.  I had a hell of a time standing up.   Someone offered to put my clothes in the dryer for me.  I unloaded the dryer but kind of fell as I was putting my clothes in car.  Someone called an ambulance.

I've been in the hospital ever since.  I turns out that my blood was infected.  It also turns out that my one of my heart valves was infected as well.  I'm looking at surgery for that early next week.  Hopefully they will do the minimally invasive version and I'll be back quickly.

Anyway, I hope to return to my readers soon.  Please pull for me.


Ben Connor Barrie said...

Sorry to hear that you're ill. Hope the surgery goes well.

Kevin Hammer said...

Hope you are feeling better!
A little boat news for you: