Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And Now...the Arthur M. Anderson

There are a few ships I will try to catch if possible.  One of them is the Roger Blough but I have a feeling that I wont see her for a while.  Another is the Lee A. Tregurtha, and she will be on here soon.  The third is the Arthur M. Anderson.
 The Arthur M. Anderson is one of the better looking boats on the Lakes, in my opinion.  With the Canadian companies scrapping their classic lakers left and right, it is nice that they still soldier on with American companies.
 The Arthur M. Anderson will always hold an honored place in Great Lakes lore, as she was the ship that stuck around in an effort to locate the Edmund Fitzgerald and her crew.  AGain, I kind of wish I had gone over to the Canadian side to get her but I didn't have a ton of time.
 She heads down the river.
 So next I went over to Marine City to try to catch her there.  There is a nice little park just north of town.  The ships pass fairly close to it.
The sky clouded over a little bit which helped for this shot.
 Then I went into Marine City proper.  I didn't have much time to set up the shots.
 She slowly works her way down the river.
 A couple of fishermen.
 Next I headed over to Algonac to try to catch her there.  This spot is only good for the full beam shots.
She slowly works her way to Harsen's Island and out of view.  Sadly, there were a bunch of other ships around the Port Huron area, so I decided not follow her to Belle Isle.

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