Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One of the Giants...The Indiana Harbor

So next up is one of thirteen 1,000 footers...the Indiana Harbor.
 The large vessel works her way down Lake Huron and starts to make her turn to enter the channel.
 For as big as these ships are, they look pretty graceful when they are out on the Lake.
 Again, the spot where I normally take pictures from gives me an opportunity to get headshots.  I think the front shot of a thousand footer looks pretty cool.
 The large ship dwarfed by the larger bridge.
 Of course, as the ship approaches, that changes.
 Once the ship is close enough, it looks massive.
 This shot gives you a pretty good idea of her full thousand feet.
 A look up at her pilothouse.
 I think this guy may be her captain.
 A nice friendly wave.
 A shot of her stern.
 She pulls away.
 Another shot of her full thousand feet.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 Next I went down to St. Clair.  There is a spot there, where you can sort of get a headshot.
 But I think the three quarter shot is a little better.
 Another shot of her full length.
 I would love this as a bumper sticker.
 A shot of her stacks.
 One more shot before she moves on.
 A little later I was able to catch her off the rocky beach of Belle Isle.  Sadly, I couldn't quite get the position I wanted because the beach is mostly under water.
 The three quarters shot.
 She approaches Belle Isle.
 Another full length shot.
One more shot and she reveals a future post.

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