Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Sam Laud Passes Milliken State Park

I figured that since I was already down in Detroit, I might as well catch the other two ships that were immediately coming down after the Alpena.  After I caught them, I was hoping to head over to Belle Isle to get pictures of the cherry blossoms.  But first things first....
 ...the Sam Laud.  She has appeared on this blog before.
 The Sam Laud is one of a handful of "river class" ships.   After retiring several older ships with the introduction of the thousand footers, the shipping companies realized they needed smaller ships to navigate the rivers that make up some of the shipping destinations.
 The River class ships were an answer to that problem.  They are all built to Seaway dimension (which also means they can go through the Welland Canal) and are equipped with bow thrusters which help in making some of the turns on the rivers.
 I think they are fairly nice looking ships.
 Although some may argue that point.
 She is heading over to Cleveland where she spends a fair amount of time.
And one more shot of her with the Ambassador Bridge as a backdrop.

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