Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Algosteel Passes By

While I was on the tour, I noticed that the Algosteel was starting to pass the ship.  Since I had the opportunity to take pictures of the ship, I took it.
 The Algosteel starts to approach the area.  Actually it provided a nice opportunity to see how far ships have come in the interceding years.
 The SS Meteor is 380 feet long, which is almost half as long as the Algosteel.  The Meteor could carry about 5,000 tons of cargo.  The Algosteel can carry a little over 5 times that amount.  The Algosteel uses diesel engines versus the steam engines of the Meteor.
 The Algosteel slowly passes by.
 The beam shot.
 She starts to pass out of view.
This was the last picture I had time for.

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