Sunday, May 25, 2014

On the Way Home

So it was time to make the trek back to Michigan.  I really enjoyed my stay in Duluth but like all vacations, it had to come to an end.  These are my pictures from on the way home.
 I wish I had discovered this road sooner.  When I came into town, I took a different road from the airport and didn't see this spot.  I tried to do a panoramic shot but it didn't turn out.  This gives a good view of the ore docks and the Blatnik Bridge.
 I also passed by a train staging area.  This must have been where I kept hearing the train whistles.
 Duluth Airport started in 1929 when the city of Duluth bought the land from Saint Louis County.  It was built with two 2,650 sod runways.  Originally it was known as the Willamson-Johnson Airport.  Regular air service started in 1940 with a Northwest Airlines link.  In 1942, the runways were paved.  The airport also serves as an Air National Guard Base.
 A shot of the front terminal.  This was built in 2012.
 This is a statue of a Tuskegee Airman.  I didn't read the plaque though.
 My plane to Minneapolis coming in.
 I ended up going through a different part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.  This tunnel kind of reminds me of a tunnel in Detroit Metro Airport.  There was fairly pleasing music being played.
 In the middle of the airport is a little mall.  It kind of takes care of all of your travelling needs.
 I kind of liked some of the mosaics on the floor.  This one looks like a map of the airports in the area.
 A few of the shops.
 Looking at the arrivals board.  This is a pretty busy airport.
 Another of the mosaics.
 One of my favorite parts of the airport...the Snoopy statues.
 Another one of the mosaic.
 I really like this one.
 A view of the mall from the other direction.
 A Frontier Airways Airbus 320.  I really like the tail art on these planes.
 I wanted a shot of downtown Minneapolis.  I kind of like the landed and landing planes.
 The MSP airport is also shared with the Minnesota Air National Guard.  This is a pair of C-130's.
 I think this is an Embrear.
 I think this is an Airbus 320.
 A Delta Boeing 757 taxiing to its sport for takeoff.
 I kind of liked the livery of this plane.  It reminded me of a throwback plane.
 A Sun Country 737 landing.
 An American Airlines 737 taxiing.
 The MD-88 that would take me back to Detroit.
 A closeup of the plane.
 A Delta plane landing.
 The control tower.
 The closeup of the cockpit of my plane.
 An Airbus 320 taxiing.
I took this picture because I figured it would be a good book end to my trip pictures.  I started with this picture and I might as well end with this picture.

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