Friday, May 23, 2014

The J.A.W. Iglehart

This is another ship that I've never seen before.  She is another ship that is being used as a storage vessel for a cement plant.
 She was originally built as a deep sea tanker by the Sun Shipbuilding Company in Chester, PA in 1936.  She was originally named the Pan-Amoco.  She had a capacity of over 15,000 tons.  She served as a tanker through World War II and almost became the target of a U-boat.
 In 1955, she became the Amoco.  In 1959, she was sold for scrap to the Boston Metals Company.  She was saved from the scrap heap in 1960 with her purchase by the Huron Cement company.  She was going to be converted to a lake freighter.  This conversion didn't happen until 1965 when she was given her current name.
In 2006, she started her new career as a storage ship.

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