Monday, May 19, 2014

The Duluth Shipping Canal

Construction of the Duluth Ship Canal began in 1871 with private funds but the Corps of Engineers took over in 1887.  The idea started when the Soo Locks were built in 1855.  The people of Duluth were not happy with this because the shipping had to leave through Superior, Wisconsin.   The bay between the sand bar and the city wasn't bad because it was sheltered but it didn't go deep enough.  A harbor was created near this location but was destroyed.   The piers were built in 1901.
 The Aerial Lift Bridge is one of the more distinctive landmarks in Duluth.  Construction was completed in 1905 but it was originally a transport bridge (the center span would move between the two sides).  It was upgraded to it's current configuration in 1929.
 Construction of the North Pier Light was completed in 1910.  It has a 5th Order Fresnel Lens.
 It has a height of 36 feet.
 The first lighthouse was lit at this point in 1874.  The current lighthouse was built in 1901 and is equipped with a fourth order Fresnel lens.
 The Apollon has been joined by the Federal Mattawa.
 The Apollon.
 And the Federal Mattawa.
 the Aerial Lift Bridge rising for one of the ships that I saw today.
 Looking up at the tower again.
 The South Pier light bracketed by the two salties.
 Another shot of the lighthouse.
 The Inner Tower serves as a range light and was first lit in 1901.
 A couple of ships coming in.
Today was rainy and miserable but still fun.

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