Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The John G. Munson Enters Fog Shrouded Duluth

So I checked AIS last night and saw that the John G. Munson would be entering Duluth this morning.  So I went back to the canal entry to try to catch her coming in.
 Much to my dismay, I saw that it was a pretty foggy morning.  So I just brought my tiny lens with me because I didn't think I would be able to catch any far out shots.
 As I got closer to the lighthouse, I was starting to get a little more hope that I would get some pictures.
 Looking up at the lighthouse.
 Looking across the channel at the other lighthouse.
 Looking back towards the Lift Bridge.  As you can see, visibility wasn't the greatest.
 The Munson starts to make her way through the fog.  The water was almost glass smooth.
 She gets closer.
 I love the reflection in this shot.
 I love the reflection in this shot even more.  I don't often get ship reflections in my pictures.  So this was pretty cool.
 A shot of her pilothouse as she starts to pass.
 She makes her way towards the lift bridge.
 And starts to slip into the fog.
 She gets a little more obscured.
She makes her turn towards the stone dock.

I was hoping that she was going to take as long in Duluth as the Anderson did so that I would get another chance to see her tomorrow, but I think I am hearing her horns as she gets ready to leave.

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