Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Closing of a Chapter

I wasn't planning on going out boatwatching last night since there wasn't anything moving.  It seemed like the James R. Barker was taking forever to load and she would have the likely candidate to go see.  I kept on an eye on AIS for that and as I was just about ready to give up, I saw that the Apollon was starting to move towards the harbor.  I was waffling a bit and then I decided to go see her.
 As I was getting closer to Canal Park, I saw a pair of tugboats waiting near the aquarium area.  I decided to stop my car to get a picture of one of them.  I think they were waiting to assist the Apollon in making the turn towards the rest of the harbor.
 A shot of the South Pier Light.
 My first connection with the Apollon was close to a month ago as she was passing Port Huron.  She ended up waiting just north of Port Huron for a pilot.  I saw her just outside of Duluth as I was flying in.  I think she was here for a week or so before that.  I can't imagine just sitting outside a port for that long.  Anyway, she is finally entering the proper port so that she can load grain and head back to Europe.
 She passes the South Pier light.
 I think I am going to miss this view of a ship when I get back home.  They look large in my normal haunts but they look massive here.
 A shot of her bow.
 And her pilothouse.
 She starts to make her way towards the Life Bridge.  I am also going to miss the sound of the horn with the passing of every ship.
 Looking up at her pilothouse.
 The long view as she approaches the bridge.
She starts to make her turn towards the dock with the help of the Great Lakes tugs.

So like the Apollon, I will be starting my journey towards home.  I've had a lot of fun during my stay in Duluth.  I will try to make it back up here at some point.  I'm not sure if I will get any pictures on the way home but if I do, I will post them here.

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