Saturday, May 10, 2014

National Train Day

Apparently today is National Train Day.  It seems like it is mainly Amtrak that is pushing it but other train companies participate in it.  Since I'm not sure if I'm going to get any pictures of real trains, I figured I would do pictures of my train set up so far.
 Eventually it is my plan to get an engine to represent each of the current major railroads but I will save the Canadian Pacific engine for when I can do a bigger set up.  My next engine is the Union Pacific.  It reminds me of my trips out west.
 Of course I can't get angles like this with real trains.  So it's kind of nice.
 I picked this engine up in Altoona as a souvenir of my trip to the Horseshoe Curve.  Since Norfolk-Southern is the main railroad that uses it, I figured a Norfolk-Southern engine would be appropriate.
 I saw this box car and I had to get it because I thought it looked like arsonist Smoky Bear.  Anyway, it is still a good reminder to Prevent Forest Fires.
 Another angle of the Norfolk-Southern engine.
 I kind of like this angle as well.
 A picture of my overall setup.  I have a couple of yard impressions.  I will be getting a couple turnouts so that I can move trains between the two loops.

I was trying to experiment with getting a motion blur shot.  I kind of like it but I may have to mess around just a little more with this.

So go hug a train or whatever because they are cool.

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