Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Walking With the Wolverine

It was a fairly nice night tonight so  I decided to take a walk down to Depot Town.  I was actually hoping to catch the Wolverine.
 As I was approaching, I thought I heard the west bound Wolverine but I didn't hear the tell tale horns again.  Then I didn't hear the horns again.  I was a little concerned but then it dawned on me that perhaps the east bound Wolverine was late.  And sure enough, I heard the approaching horn and saw it.
 Unfortunately, I wasn't in a great position to catch a picture.
 Right after the train,  I saw a plane flying overhead.
 I decided to wander around Depot Town for a bit but not too much.
 And then the west bound Wolverine appeared.
 This time I was in position to get pictures of it.
 And the sun was just about right for it.
 But it passes too quickly.
 So I wandered around just a little bit to get a picture of the caboose.
 As I headed back, I saw some grafitti on the railroad bridge that I thought was pretty neat.
 A grain elevator.
And as I got closer to my place, I snapped a picture of the paper building.

I was actually hoping to also catch a picture of a freight train that goes by but I think that came by a little later.  So I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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