Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Flight from Minneapolis to Duluth

I only had a half hour between my plane arriving at Minneapolis from Detroit and catching the plane to Duluth.  This meant that I had to hoof it across the airport in order to catch the plane.  This didn't give me enough time to take pictures.
 Fortunately, I was able to get a window seat on my flight into Duluth.  Normally, I would take a picture of the plane that is taking me to my destination but I didn't have enough time.  This is close enough as the plane in this picture is similar to the one that took me to Duluth.
 Our plane pulling out from the gate.  It was actually a pretty nice day today but a little on the hazy side.
 Sadly, the window of my plane wasn't very clean, so my pictures look like they are warping or something.
 The Air National Guard C-130's across the airport.
 My plane taxiing and another plane taking off.
 Our plane getting into position.
 About to take off.
 Getting up to speed.
 The control tower at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.
 A shot of the airport itself.
 I think this is a pretty good shot of Minneapolis.
 And a shot with the river.
I guess this shows why Minnesota is called the land of 1000 Lakes.
Approaching Duluth.

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