Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Arthur M. Anderson Leaves Duluth

The next ship is the Arthur M. Anderson.  I decided to go for a different vantage point on this one.  I ended up on the other side of the channel to catch her.
 I ended up going to the harbor side of the Bridge first.  That gave me a chance to get a picture of the Anderson as she was leaving the port. 
 A shot of the other lighthouse.
 A view of the lighthouse I haven't gotten so far.
 Looking back at the Lift Bridge.  While the fog seemed to be lifting on the inside of the harbor but it wasn't lifting over the channel.
 The Anderson starts to emerge from the fog.
 I kind of like this picture.  She looks pretty eerie.
 She gets closer to me.
 A shot of the pilothouse.  You can kind of see the giant hand on the other side.
 Her deckhouse.
 She starts to move towards Lake Superior.
 One more shot of her before she disappears into the fog.
 Looking up at the South Light.
And the other light.

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