Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Lewis J. Kuber Again...

As we were crossing the Bridge to return to Ypsilanti, I looked off to the east and noticed a ship approaching the Bridge. I couldn't quite tell what ship it was at the time but we stopped at the Bridge View Park in Mackinaw City. Turns out she was the Lewis J. Kuber which has appeared on this blog several times.The Kuber is another one of the articulated barges. I think this one looks a little better than some of the others though.
Here she is approaching the Bridge.
And going under the Bridge.
Almost completely under the Bridge.

Heading off somewhere on the Lake Michigan side.
As I was taking these pictures, there was a pair of bikers looking at the Bridge. They became fascinated by one of the signs posted on the Bridge because they couldn't quite make it out. One of them saw me and saw my big lens and as I was in the middle of the shot, he started to ask me what the sign said. Obviously, he was so in his little self absorbed world that he couldn't tell I was busy at the time. And then he said, "Dude, you have the big lens...Can you read that sign?" I told him to wait a minute and finally I read it.
So what was so important that he had to irritate me? A sign that said, "Loaded Trucks: 20 MPH". I told him what the sign said to which his buddy said, "That's a long way to go 20 mph". I pointed at the Bridge and said, "And it's also a long way down". He looked at me and said, "I guess if you worry about that sort of thing". At this point, I could support repealling the helmet law for this person since there wouldn't be anything there to affect.

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