Monday, October 24, 2011

What Does Michigan Exposures Read... the blogosphere.   Today I had a bit of a shoutout from one of the blogs that I read on a regular basis, so I figured that I would return the favor.  These blogs are in no particular order but they are ones that I read on a fairly regular basis.
The MZone
This is my favorite of the Michigan Sports Blogs out there.  They present an irreverent look towards Michigan sports that is often lacking in many of the other blogs out there.   In a way, this was the blog that inspired me to create Michigan Exposures.

The Eagle Totem
I found out about this one when one of my picture articles from the one of the Eastern Michigan games from last year was linked.  So of course I had to go check it out and I discovered that there is actually an EMU blog in the blogosphere.  Evidently, he liked my pictures because this is the blog that I am doing pictures from the sidelines of the EMU games for.  So for that, I give a thanks.

Probably the cream of the crop as far as Michigan Athletic Blogs go.  I discovered this one when they linked to my pictures from the Michigan-Connecticutt game from last year.  Even better, they posted one of my pictures on their front page.  That shot my numbers through the roof.  So I give out another thanks.

Damn Arbor
This is another blog that I discoverd when they linked to one of my posts about Detroit.  In particular, it was one about the Fisher Building that they entitled "The Andidote to Ruin Porn".  This is another irreverent blog about life as a grad student in Ann Arbor.  It almost reminds me of one from a few years ago called "Ann Arbor is Overrated".  It is a pretty decent blog.

A Camp Host's Meanderings
I'm honestly not sure how I discoverd this blog but it is a pretty nice blog.  Originally, she had a blog that was just pictures for the day and she decided to morph it into her blog about life as a camp coordinator in a National Park.  Pretty intresting read and pretty good photography.

Mom's Crusade
A blog that is written by a friend of mine from Elementary School, Middle School, High School and Religious Ed.  I really like her writing style and wish she would update it more often.

Photography by Christopher List
A blog that is written by a friend of mine.  Pretty good photography but the blog would be better if he would update more often.

A Picture A Day
A blog that I discovered through a comment on my blog.  I kind of liked that she was using a IPhone to take her pictures because there were some very good ones and it demonstrates that you don't need a really high speed camera to take good pictures.  Sadly, she hasn't updated in forever.

Ham's Hobbys
This is a person I met through the MZone and he builds models.  Sadly, he doesn't update often either because I like to see what he's up to.

Saginaw River Images
Mostly a blog about vessel passages on the Saginaw River but occasionally there are pictures of ships that go up the Saginaw River.  Really good pictures to boot.

There are a few others that I've found over the years but they don't update often enough.  So I hope my readers enjoy these as much as I do.

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