Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Morning Freight Run Through Sturgeon Falls

It has been a while since I've made a Sturgeon Falls update.  It's not that I haven't been making any improvements to it.  It's just that I've been waiting for the right light to take pictures.  I wasn't up quite early enough to get the sunrise light though but this will down.
 I've added some people to Sturgeon Falls.  So now we actually have some people waiting patiently at the train station for the Amtrak to stop.
 Senor Pepe's has some customers.  Although the guy on the right is heading towards the train station.  And the woman is heading somewhere.
 A man checking out what's showing at the Wolverine and woman buying a ticket.  The man with the green bag is finding his way to the Railway Arms.
 A general street scene on the other side.
 I decided that my corners needed something, so I built Wentworth Tool and Die.  Wentworth Tool and Die was established in 1911 by Mr. Charles Wentworth of Exeter.  With a growing auto industry and access to the rail line, he established this building in Sturgeon Falls.  It has seen its ebb and flow but still is producing some decent quality tooling.
 In 1982, a train struck one of the walls, so it has different windows than the rest of the building. He was able to repair it.
 On the other side of the yard is a maintenance shack for the Norfolk-Southern Railroad.  This is loosely based on one that I saw in Milan.
 Just in case you forget where we are.
 I need to add more people to make this more of a bustling downtown scene.
 Looking down the street.
 The morning Norfolk-Southern train passes by the yard.
 Unless you are in front of curve, do not try this shot in person.
 An oblique angle of my Norfolk-Southern engine.
And I leave with a shot of the Union Pacific engine.

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