Thursday, February 28, 2013

After the Snow Fall

Tuesday night we got hit with Winter Storm Q or Z or whatever the heck it was called.  I didn't realize they started to name snow storms now too.  It made for a fun drive home Tuesday night.  The drive to work yesterday wasn't too bad except for the couple of places where the lights were out (more on that either later in this post or the next post).  It did make for some beautiful picture taking opportunities though.
 As I was getting into the car, I looked at the trees around my apartment and figured the trees on the way out would look nicer.  I wasn't disappointed as I approached the former Peninsular Paper Building.  It's scenic without snow on the trees.  The snow on the trees makes it more so.
 I was sort of happy with the first shot, but I like the shots where I pull out a bit to get the full scene.  It's amazing how an abandoned dam can make a nice scene.
 Unfortunately, I had to get to work.  Normally, I head down Huron Street to Michigan Avenue but since I took pictures of other things, I took Hewitt to Michigan Avenue.  Since I was stopped at the light, I couldn't pass on this scene.
 The light at Michigan and Carpenter was out, so I had plenty of opportunities to take tree pictures along the way.  And a tip:  When the traffic lights are out, it becomes a four way stop.
 I was saddened that I had to go into work because I would have rather gone to a park to get more pictures like this.
 Or this.
 I guess Coleman's wont be open just yet. 
 So then I get to work and find out that the power in the building is mostly out but I had to stick around for a bit while they made a decision.  So that gave me an opportunity to get some pictures around the building.  I really like the grounds of our building.
 I loved the way the snow was sticking to everything.  It was a very heavy snow, so it kind of dragged branches down.  Hence all the power lines out.
 I wish I had a little more contrast between the snow on the branches and the white sky.  Oh well.
 Could almost be in a forest somewhere.
 I've taken several pictures of these before...the birches in front of our office are really cool.
This almost looks like a trail somewhere.  Just look at the way the snow sticks to the trees.

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