Monday, February 18, 2013

The Saginaw River Breaking Up

Saturday as I was heading up to Bay City, I took my normal route which is River Road (there's a bad joke that goes with that but I wont tell it here).  As I was heading along the river, I saw that there were some pretty cool piles of ice and debris on the river itself.  So I figured I would catch it on the way back...which I did.
 Winter has been odd this year.  We'd have some nasty bouts of cold followed by some really warm days.  I believe that is what causes this because the ice breaks up and then the river pushes it like this.
 At any rate, it loks pretty cool.  You can see some of the debris that gets pushed up by it.
 I tried to go for another angle in order to catch it more from the front.
 A more pulled out picture.  It is like this for a couple miles at least.
 Looking down the River towards Bay City.
I kind of liked this spot of slightly open water.
 I really liked the stump that was lifted up.
 Another small open water spot.
And one last shot.  I think it looked even cooler because of the freshly fallen snow.  Hopefully I will see the similar phenomena on the Bay.

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