Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Warm Day at the Detroit Zoo

So our company decided to have its picnic at the Detroit Zoo.  It's not often that I go to our company events but I decided to go to this one.  It was actually a pretty nice day for the zoo but I think it may have been a little too hot for some of the animals.  But I did manage to get a few shots.
It has been a while since I've been in the reptile house, so I decided to stop there after seeing that the river otter was asleep.

 The above picture is a missasauga rattlesnake.  I believe this is the only poisonous reptile that is native to Michigan.
 A box turtle but I'm not sure if it is an eastern or western box turtle.  I'm guessing eastern to represent a species native to Michigan.
 This is a milk snake.
 King Cobra.  I kind of wish I could have caught it up with the hood spread.
 A hog nosed snake.
 I think this is an iguana.
 A gila monster.
 The same iguana as above.  He jumped over to this branch and made a better pose for me.
 A condor.  The Detroit Zoo has a pretty decent collection of birds.
 The more mature bald eagle.
 The now four or five year old bald eagle.
 I think this is an elk.
 A prairie dog.  The Detroit Zoo has a pretty cool prairie dog exhibit too.
 A bison drinking from the pool.
 I think bison are pretty neat looking animals. 
 It is pretty odd that the only water lily I've seen this year was at the Detroit Zoo.  At least it was a pretty cool looking one.
 I'm not sure what kind of animal this is.
 One of the three zebras.
 And a rhino.
 One of the meerkats.  This one is almost screaming for a caption.
 Another one of the meerkats.
 A Japanese snow monkey.
 One of the lions.  I am really liking the new lion exhibit at the zoo.  It will be cool to be able to get pictures with my littler lens.
 And of course the tiger.
 In a very catlike pose.
 It was pretty hot, so he was panting a bit.
 As he looks around.
 He was interested in something.  Not sure what though.
 Another very catlike pose.
 An African Crane.
 And a flamingo.
And the wolverine.  I kind of expected the wolverine to be like this as they are cold weather animals.

I was gonna go to the polar bear exhibit but they were also not very visible.  I think the exhibits at the Detroit Zoo are pretty cool but sometimes they are not visitor friendly.

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Isaac said...

nice job with the license plate in the pic of the milk snake