Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The John G. Munson and Friend at Carmeuse

So tonight I headed down to Detroit.  I was hoping to catch the Honorable James L. Oberstar but she was past Belle Isle by the time I was downtown.  Then I saw that the American Courage was heading upbound but she stopped for fuel.  So I went with my third option....I knew that the Munson would be at the stone dock on the Rouge River, so I went to see her.
 She was a little further back tonight, yet the pose is still the same.  It seemed like she may have been listing a little bit but I would imagine that happens sometimes.
 To her side is the tug Patricia Hoey and refuelling barge she is pushing.  I guess that makes for efficiency.  Why waste time at Mistersky when you can gas up and unload at the same time.
 I tried to get a shot without the barge in it, but I'm not so sure about it.
 Another long length shot, this time with the barge.
 A shot of her bow.  I like the looks of the Great Lakes Fleet ships.
 A closeup of the Patricia Hoey's pilothouse.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get much of an angle to much of anything else on her.
 Another long shot of the Munson and friend.  I kind of like the clouds in the background.
 Another shot of her bow.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 A shot of the deckhouse.  I think that the red flag means that she is fuelling.
 A straight on shot of her pilothouse.
And one more shot before getting back in my car.

I was going to try to see if I could catch the American Courage but apparently she left in between the time I saw her at the dock and the time I could get into position to get pictures of her.

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