Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Evening at the Yankee Air Museum

I was hoping to catch some ship pictures since I was in Troy today and could stop by Detroit on the way home but that was not to be.  Instead, I decided to stop by Willow Run and take some plane pictures.  The Yankee Air Force has a pretty decent air park, it's a shame you can't walk around it though.
 The front of an F-84F Thunderstreak.  It was built by Republic Aircraft and introduced in 1954.  It left US service in 1972.
 A side shot of the F-84F.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get an angle to get a clean shot of it.
 An odd angle of the F-84F.
 This is an An-2, made by the Soviet Aircraft Factory Antonov.  It first flew in 1947 and was used as a utility aircraft.
 A side view of the plane.
 An odd angle of her.
 I think this is the civillian version of the P-3 Orion, but I am not sure.
 I have no idea what aircraft this is.
 This is an F-4 Phantom.  It was used by the US Navy, Air Force and Marines.  It is the only aircraft to be used by both the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.  It also saw widespread use amongst the US allies and I think it is still used by Turkey.
 A different angle.
 The B-57 Canberra.
 The RF-84F.  This is the reconaissance version of the first aircraft on this page.
 This is a PB4Y-2 Privateer which is the Navy's version of the B-24 Bomber.  I believe this particular one may have been built at Willow Run.
 A more pulled out shot.
 A slightly different angle.
This is probably one of the more recognizable tails out there.  This happens to be the tail of a B-52D Stratofortress.  The D Model was converted to drop conventional bombs during the Vietnam War and did a pretty good job at that.  The first model came out in 1955.  The B-52D left service in 1982.  The current model of the B-52 is the H model and I believe they are starting to retire them.  However, some are being kept in reserve and could see service into the 2020's.

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