Monday, July 9, 2012

My Favorite Ship...the Roger Blough

Longtime followers of this blog and even folks that haven't followed this blog for a long time know that my favorite ship is the Roger Blough.  Well, she's certainly my favorite lake ship.  When I saw that she would be passing by Detroit tonight, I figured that I would stop by Detroit on my way home.
 So the last time I saw the Roger Blough was when she was heading down the St. Mary's River after wowing the crowd at Engineer's Day.  I was hoping that maybe I'd catch her passing Detroit that time but she went to Gary instead.   So this time, she would be returning from Conneaut, Ohio.
 Even though she is not a 1000 footer, she still looks like she means business.  When you see her loaded down, she looks like a snapping turtle.
 Or something.
 She is definately as wide as a 1000 footer, which makes her squat like a boxer.
 A shot of her bow and pilot house.
 The straight on shot.  She actually looks pretty delicate from this angle.
 A shot of her pilothouse as she passes by.
 And her unique self unloader.
 Since it seems like she appears at inopportune times for me, I decided to head up to Belle Isle to take a second series of shots.  I was hoping to catching a head on shot of her but this was a close as I could get to that.
 Another of the 3/4's view of her.
 Another shot of her bow and pilothouse.
 And just her pilothouse.
 another of her bow and pilothouse.
 The straight out shot.
 I had to try that shot again in the hopes of getting a cleaner background.  This was pretty close.
 Her deckhouse.
 I'd have to say that she probably has one of the more distinctive stacks out there.
And she heads back up to Two Harbors.  It was so tempting to head up to Port Huron in the hopes of catching her there.

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