Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things in the Air

So my first love is planes.  I think I've loved planes ever since I was born.  Sadly, there aren't too many good places for planewatching.  Boatwatching is a pretty close second though, so I don't really mind it so much.  Plus, I am learning so much about the ships that ply the Great Lakes.
 This is a Robinson Helicopter.  I'm not sure on the model though.  I think they are kind of neat looking with the raised stalk though.
 Later as I was rounding Belle Isle, I found out why it was flying on the Detroit River.  Evidently, there was the Gold Cup races going on.  I wish I had known about that.
 And she flies off.
This plane was dragging around a sign of some sort.  Since I was only interested in the plane, that's what I took a picture of.

If I had gotten to the park about a minute sooner, I could have gotten a picture of a Coast Guard Helicopter.