Monday, July 2, 2012

The Spartan at the Soo Locks

It seemed like that since the end of Engineer's Day, the ships were coming in left and right.  First the Algoma Discovery, then the American Integrity, followed by the Mesabi Miner.  Next up was the Tug/Barge combination Spartan/Spartan II.
 She has appeared on this blog before.  She is one of several tug/barge combinations that appear on the lakes.
 She was able to enter the locks alot quicker than the Mesabi Miner.  The Miner seemed like she was inching along and the Spartan just zipped in.
 A shot of the frong of her barge.
 And a shot of her tug portion.
 At least one of the crew taking a break.
And one last shot as she leaves.

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Isaac said...

Spartan II entered the lock so quickly because of her width. Mesabi Miner is the maximum width for the Poe Lock, while it appears Spartan II has left almost ten feet on either side.