Monday, July 2, 2012

Cloverland Electric Open House

After seeing the Flinterstar go off, we decided to stop at the open house for the Sault Ste. Marie Hydroelectric Plant.  It is at the mouth of the Edison Sault Canal which was dug specifically for this purpose.
 The Plant itself was completed in 1902 by the Sault Edison Electric Company.  It was used to power a Union Carbide facility that was located nearby.  It is kind of a neat little building.
 Part of the open house was a safety demonstration.  These are some of the tools of the trade.  I guess I never realized how thick power lines were.
 A basket.  Apparently it can be grounded to protect the worker.
 The roasting of a hot dog as part of the safety demonstration.
 Another shot of the power building.
 Lake Superior State operates a fishery in part of the plant.  These are Atlantic Salmon.
 A shot of the generators.  I'm not sure how much electricity the plant can generate though.
 A part of one of the generators.
 A generator without the cover on.
 The generator itself.
As part of the fishery, they had some lampreys.  These are invasive species that came into the Great Lakes as part of the St. Lawrence seaway.  They like to eat game fish.

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