Monday, July 2, 2012

The Edwin H. Gott and the Bridge

As I was watching the Cort pass by, I looked over towards the west and saw that another ship was approaching the Bridge.
 From this distance, I could tell that it was a thousand footer, but I wasn't sure which one.
 Then I saw the distinctive scheme of the Great Lakes Fleet ships.  If I had rememberd that the Speer doesn't have a boom, I would have identified her faster.  But I had it down to one of two ships.
 At this point, I could tell she was the Gott.  I have seen her in the past in my neck of the woods but not lately.
 So this would make four one thousand footers in one day.  I'm pretty sure that's a record for me.  Granted, they weren't all in the same place.
 She approaches the Bridge.
 A little closer.
And she passes under the Bridge.  It almost looks like she isn't going to clear the bottom but she did.

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