Monday, July 9, 2012

The Algoma Transport Passes Belle Isle

The next ship was not the next thing I took pictures of.  I figured that since I was on Belle Isle, I would do my July shots.  As I was heading towards the Scott Fountain, I saw the Algolake pass by and I figured that since I couldn't catch her, I would just continue my pictures of the Island.  She was followed by the Sam Laud fairly quickly.  Again, I was not in a position to get her either.
 As I was leaving Belle Isle, I looked towards the Ambassador Bridge and saw that a ship was coming upbound.  I wasn't really expecting to see one, so I grabbed the spot where I could turn around and headed back to Belle Isle to take pictures of her.
 Turns out that she was the Algoma Transport and she has appeared on this blog in the past.  However, since I was down there, I figured pictures would be good.
 Plus the fact that my longer lens seems to be working again.  I was able to get some closeup shots of her.
 A closeup of her pilothouse.
 Even closer.
 A shot of her pilothouse as she passes.
 And the straight on shot.
 A shot of the rear of her pilothouse and stacks.
And one last shot as she heads off.

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