Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wheat Sheaves Again...

As I said in the last post, I was looking at the Amish wheat sheaves.  I think they are pretty neat looking, although I wish there were a little more contrast in the pictures. 
 At anyrate, the wheat is arranged in this pattern as a way of drying it out.  Typically this is always done around this time of the year.
 For as consistent at the sheaves themselves are, it doesn't seem like the rows are that consistent.
 A close up of one of the sheaves.  I kind of like the textures it makes.
 A couple of the sheaves.
 I do kind of like the way they look in this picture.
 I think this would have made a more interesting picture had I been looking down the row.  The terrain didn't allow that though.
 Like I said, they make for an intersting picture.
 Another sort of closeup.
 This was kind of the effect I was looking for.  The lines in the picture almost lead in.
 They just seem to go on forever.
 Pre-wheat sheaves.  As I said, the machine in the picture bundles them.  I would love to see them being made.  I guess for now I will assume it's magic.
 Another group of them.
 A pair of them.
 Trying to look out at a field of them.
 Another close up of the wheat stalks.
And one last picture.

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