Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The St. Clair on the St. Clair River

Since I spent the past two days in the nice air conditioning of my apartment and I didn't want a third day to go to waste, I decided to head up to Port Huron.   The fact that I would be seeing a ship that I have never seen before was a plus.

All I can say is that it was a pretty hot day to be out photographing.  Fortunately, the parks and stuff are nearby the parking lot so it wasn't alot of walking.  For this part, I was at the Maritime Center, so that was at least air conditioned.
 But it wasn't air conditioned as I stepped back outside to take the pictures.  The St. Clair has appeared on this blog a couple times in the past.  This is the last time she appeared here.
 One of the nice things about boatwatching at the Maritime Center is that they go over the history of the ships as they pass by.  I found out that the St. Clair was the longest ship to go sideways after her construction.  Normally ships of her size would go down lengthwise.
I just remember that when I first saw her, she reminded me of one of the 1000 footers but she misses that by about 230 feet.
 She is one of the newer American built ships though.
 You can see her name prominently on the bow.
 And of course, my straight on shot.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
And she heads back up north somewhere.

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