Monday, February 23, 2009

The Michigan State Capitol

The Michigan State Capitol Building holds the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Michigan State Government. It is in Lansing Michigan. This is the third capitol building for the state of Michigan. The first one was located in Detroit until 1847.

The second capitol building was a temporary structure until the current one could be built. Many cities were competing for the capitol including Ann Arbor, Jackson and Grand Rapids. One city was so certain that it would be the capitol that it built a Governor's Mansion (Marshall). Then it was decided that Lansing would be the capital as it was almost center between the cities competing for it.

The current building was completed in 1879 and has been the capitol building since.

This is an overall view of the capitol building. The statue in the front is Austin Blair, who was governor during the Civil War.

This is entitled the rise and progress of Michigan. The female figure represents Michigan. She is surrounded by some of the things that represents Michigan's industries.

A shot of the Capitol Dome.

A wider shot of the Capitol.

The Dome at Night.

A shot of the capitol at night.

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