Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tahquamenon Falls

The Tahquamenon Falls are a little more than 50 miles northwest of the Mackinaw Bridge. They are one of many Michigan State Parks. There are two main sets of falls, the Upper Falls which are probably more famous and the Lower Falls which are more picturesque. This set of pictures is from the Upper Falls.

This is a view from the trail as you start the hiking trails. I used the tree to cover the fact that not as much water was flowing as normal.

This view is from an observation platform off to the side of the falls. Normally they have more water flowing but without the normal winters, there isn't as much water in the UP. Maybe they might get back to a normal level with the past couple winters.

This is probably the most famous shot of the upper falls. The brown water color comes from the iron content of the water.

Normally the falls would be going across the drop but the water levels have been lower. This looks better than when I went a couple of years ago though. As you can see, I did this during the fall which makes for an even more beautiful picture. The colors are just fantastic.

I'd like to do some winter shots but winter in the UP can be treacherous.

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