Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Mackinac Bridge at Dusk and Night

So we got back to Mackinac in time for dinner but before eating dinner, I wanted some dusk shots of the Bridge.
 I kind of like the pinks in the tower.
 And of course as I was taking pictures, a ship passed and of course I had to take pictures.  Sadly, I only know that the ship's name is somethingborg.  I didn't look it up on AIS at the time.
 Another dusk shot.  Sadly, the more interesting clouds were in another direction.
 But this will do.
 I thought the moon looked pretty cool too.
 Not as happy with this shot though as the moon is overexposed.
 So I got a closeup of the moon.
 One more dusk shot before dinner.
 And before we left, we headed over to McGulpin Park.  I kind of wish I had my tripod with me as I'm not terribly pleased with this shot.  I'll have to try again at some point.
One more night shot from near Fort Michimillimac.  I had others with this but they were kind of blurry.

Oh well, it was a pretty nice day yesterday.  Wish I had more fall shots though but the colors weren't as intense as I had hoped.  Hoped my readers enjoyed though.

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