Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Federal Champlain Upbound in Port Huron

 The next ship was kind of a surprise for me.  I wasn't paying attention to the upbound ships.

The Federal Champlain was coming into the Great Lakes from overseas.
I'm not sure exactly where she was coming from as Marine Traffic shows her origin to be Port Colborne.
Port Colborne is the Lake Erie part of the Welland Canal.  So that means she came through the Welland.
She was heading to Burns Harbor.
I'm not sure if she is loaded in this picture.
But she is on her way to Burns Harbor.
Of course I switched to my drone.
Again, I was still trying a low angle.
Anyway, I would imagine she would pick up coils of steel in Burns Harbor.
I'm not sure where she would take them after that.
But at any rate, I love catching these ships.
And I can see why it is called Blue Water.
she approaches the bridge.
And starts to pass under it.

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