Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Interstate 94

I don't often get to post about Interstates on this blog as I'm not often in a position where I can take a picture of one. However, as I was heading out of Detroit, there was a little stoppage of traffic, so I had my chance.

Interstate 94 is designated as the first border to border Interstate when it was completed in the early 1960's. Sections of it were built as Freeways before the Interstate Freeway Act was signed into law in 1956, therefore a trip along I-94 is a chance to see the development of freeways. Some of the interchanges don't have long acceleration ramps (the one in Ann Arbor is guilty of this), some of the interchanges are the hideous cloverleaf pattern and some have been built up to modern standards.
It is the combination of the Willow Run, Detroit Industrial and Edsel Ford Freeways.

This picture is as I was getting on the Freeway from the Lodge and represents the first full speed Interstate to Interstate Interchange in the United States. The Interstate continues past Michigan through Northern Indiana to Illinois to Wisconsin to Minnesota to North Dakota. It ends (or begins, depending on your point of view) in Billings Montana. From Detroit, it continues to the Northeast until Port Huron.


Clarice Starling said...

Interesting post. I liked the history lesson.

Mikoyan said...

Thank you. I've kind of gotten away from the history part of this blog. That is one of the reasons I started this to show off pictures...