Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Cadillac Place

The first building I took pictures of was the Cadillac Place.  It is across the corner from the Fisher Building.
 This building came to fruition after the founder of GM, William Durant finally acquiesed to the Board of Directors and build a Headquarters in Detroit.  Groundbreaking for the building began in 1919 and the first occupants moved into the Cass Avenue wing in 1920.
 Construction was completed in 1923.  The building was originally going to be named after Durant but after his ouster in 1921, it was named the General Motors building.
 It's not often that I go into the buildings I take pictures of but I saw that this one was still open and I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  The building is as ornate on the inside as the outside.
 This was a chandelier hanging in the lobby.
 I really liked this clock.  It makes you think back to the days when GM had lots of money.
 The top of the arch of the entrance.
 One of the sculptures on the outside. 
 The main entrance.  The building is a neo-classical style and was designed by Albert Kahn (a name you see frequently on this blog).
 One of the friezes to the side of the building.
 Looking at the side of the arch.
 In 1998, the building was transferred to the State of Michigan as GM moved its headquarters to the Renaissance Building.  In 2002, renovation began on the building and it was renamed the Cadillac Place after the founder of Detroit.  Albert Kahn's company was in charge of the renovations.
 This picture was taken in one of the windows of the Fisher building.  I love reflections.
 Another shot from the Fisher Building.
 I tried to get a shot of the whole complex but unfortunately, I couldn't get the right angle for it.
This was probably about the closest I could get.

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