Monday, January 2, 2012

EMU Women's Basketball Vs. Wyoming

Today's was actually a first for me.  I have never been to a woman's basketball game before until today.  I'd been meaning to for a while but I never really could find the time or interest.  Since there was a game today, I decided to head to the Convocation Center after taking pictures of flower.

The EMU Women's team is actually pretty competitive and were 7 and 5 before the game.  In those five losses were a couple of overtime losses to some pretty good teams, so all in all not too bad.
 Tavelyn James taking a layup.
 Taylor Bird going for the basket.
 Olivia Fouty going for a bakset.
 I can't quite tell who this is but she is going for the basket.  I kind of liked this shot.
 Taylor Bird taking another shot at the basket.
 India Hairston taking a shot at the basket.
 Desyree Thomas on defense.
 Taylor Bird taking a run at the basket.
 I think this is India Hairston making a run at the basket.
 Paige Redditt taking a shot.
 I think this is Christina Smith about to pass.
 Tavelyn James charging the basket.
 A shot of Tavelyn James bringing the ball down the court.
 Desyree Thomas taking a layup.
 India Hairston taking another shot.
EMU ended up winning 65-43.  This is a shot of the handshake after the game.

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