Thursday, January 19, 2012

EMU vs. WMU Basketball - The Game

Here are the pictures from the game.  As I said, it was a pretty exciting game and it even went into overtime (although it shouldn't have).  There is a better explanation here.
 Here is Da'Shonte Riley going up for a basket.  I think he may be one of the bigger guys that EMU needs. 
 Antonio Green at the free throw line.  He seemed to have a pretty good night.
 Antonio Green driving for the basket.  I think the basketball team needs someone named White now.
 Darrell Lampley dribbling towards the basket.
 J.R. Sims in the process of making a layup.
 J.R. Sims throwing a pass forward.  I forget who got it but it went for three.
 Riley taking another shot at the basket.
 Lampley dribbling again.
 Jamell Harris taking a shot at the basket.
 Quitin Dailey shooting for a three pointer.  I would have loved this shot alot more had I still had the ball in it.  I don't remember if he made this one or not.
 Antonio Green taking another shot.
 Riley taking a shot from inside the paint.
 Coach Murphy discussing strategy with the team.
 Green dribbling setting up the play.
 Dailey shooting towards the basket.
 Antonio Green shooting for the basket.  I don't think this one was a three pointer though.
 Riley driving towards the basket.
 Antonio Green shooting what would have been the game winner, had EMU prevented the countering WMU three pointer.
 Riley taking a shot towards the basket in the overtime.  EMU looked really good in the overtime.  It was actually pretty cool to see them take it to overtime.  I think Western led for most of regulation.
 Austin Harper taking a shot towards the basket.  I think he is becoming one of my favorite players.
Riley blocking a shot in the overtime.  I think this was his 5th and final foul but he had a heck of game.

I'm not normally a basketball game but with taking pictures for the Eagle Totem blog and getting down on the court, it has been exciting.  I think this has been the most excitement I've had towards Eastern sports in a long time.  But then again, they are giving me something to be excited about.  While the football team didn't go to a bowl game, they did manage to stay competitive.  That is something that I haven't been able to say about them in a long time.  I'm not sure about the basketball team but it seems like they are starting to gel, so they may end up being competitive as well.  I think they still have a ways to go yet but maybe next year.

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