Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eastern Michigan Men's Basketball Vs. Central Michigan

So yesterday ended up being a pretty full photography day for me.  After I finished at the park, it was off to the Convocation Center for the Eastern Michigan MAC opener.  This was also the first time the men's team has played at home in over a month.  So I was pretty anxious to the go to the game.  The basketball team was 6 and 9 at this point but they beat Northern Illinois in DeKalb to be 1-0 in the MAC.
 The team lining up for the national anthem.
 The jump ball.  I think EMU ended up winning it.
 Jamell Harris in the process of a dunk.  I don't know what EMU's shooting percentage was but as the game progressed it was looking pretty terrible.
 During one of the time outs, the football team stepped on the court for a ceremony honoring their winning the Michigan MAC trophy.  They also mentioned that Coach English was MAC coach of the year.
 Jamell Harris taking a three pointer..I think.
 Quintin Dailey with the ball.
 Darrell Lampley charging the basket.
 Antonio Greene with the ball.  I think he was coming at the net.
 Swoop mimicking me and the other photographers.
 Austin Harper passing around the defender.
 Austin Harper on a Layup.
 I'm not sure who this is.
 Another shot of Swoop.  This was during one of the timeout contests.
 Matt Balkema taking a shot.
 Anthony Strickland after a layup.
 I'm not sure who this is shooting.
 I'm also not sure who this is.
 Jamell Harris taking a shot towards the basket.
 Austin Harper with the ball again.
 Antonio Green with the ball again.
 I'm not sure who this is.
 Antonio Green taking a free throw.
Antonio Green making a layup.
 Da'shonte Riley making a shot.  He came here from Syracuse and I think this was his debut game.
Despite coming out with a strong start, EMU couldn't overcome the three point shooting of Central and lost 60-56.  I think this team has the potential to be good next year but there is some work yet.

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