Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Day With the Trains

I was thinking about heading down to Deshler today but I had other things I needed to do.  My mom needed to go to Dearborn to pick up some art supplies and as I looked at the Amtrak schedule, I saw that the Wolverine would be passing at about the same time.
 As the time was getting close, I decided to pull off Michigan Avenue.  Little did I realize, I found a spot that was not too far from the Dearborn Train Station.  It gave me a pretty good view down the tracks.
 At one time, the Wolverine line was owned by the New York Central Railroad.  Then it was probably owned by the Penn-Central Railroad.  After the breakup of Penn-Central, it was turned over to Amtrak.  I think Amtrak or the Michigan Department of Transportation owns the line from Indiana to Detroit.  In my opinion, this is a good thing because they will maintain the line for passenger service.
 I was keeping an eye on the train and I decided to get on the side of the track where my back was too the sun.  I think it made for better pictures.
 I think I can see the engineer posing in this picture.  I made sure that I wasn't on the right of way.
 And a shot of the rear engine.
 Looking down the tracks towards Ypsilanti.  Again, I was on the point where I could cross.  If I heard the crossing lights go off, I would have moved from here.
 As I was heading to the art store, I caught a glimpse of this train.  I decided to turn around so that I could get a picture of it.  It's not often that you see Union Pacific in Michigan.
 The Dearborn Train Station is actually known as the John Dingell Transit Center.  You can also catch buses here.  Construction was finished in 2014 and it looks pretty nice.  I may have to take a train from here just to see how nice it really is.
 I kind of liked the train being sort of framed by stuff from the station.
 An angle from the end of the platform.
 The lead engine.
 The trailing engine was sporting the US Flag.  I love this scheme.
 I made it back to Ypsilanti in time to catch the eastbound wolverine.
 And the engine that I have a n-scale version of.
As the train passes the depot.

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