Thursday, December 17, 2015

Milkweed and Other Things

I had a meeting at 1:00 today, so I picked up lunch somewhere and brought it back.  That gave me a little time to take a walk during lunch today.  So I took my camera with me.
 We have a few milkweeds behind the building.  I actually like to take pictures of milkweed because they have neat textures.
 Especially if there are some seeds coming out.
 It was a little on the windy side and that was making the plants sway a bit.
 This is probably my favorite of the bunch.
 We also have a few thistles.  These make for even better pictures, I think.
 I kind of like this picture.
 I really like the cherry maples we have in front of the building.  Although I like them better if it is raining out.
One more shot backlit.

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