Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning with the H. Lee White

I was heading up to my Aunt and Uncle's for Christmas dinner but that didn't stop me from taking a peek at AIS to see what was cooking on the Lakes.  It turns out that one of the ships cooking was a ship that I haven't seen before, so I decided to make a detour to Marysville in order to catch her.
 As I looked to the north, I saw the ship that I was chasing and as I looked to the south, I saw this ship.
 She is the H. Lee White and she is heading back from Monroe where I presume she unloaded coal for the power plant there.  She ended up staying there a little longer than planned as it was pretty windy on Wednesday and Thursday.  That made for a busy river day.
 Her destination is listed as Stoneville USA which I presume means the calcite docks near Rogers City.  It also means that I might have a chance to see her on Sunday.
 I'm glad I went up because the river was fairly calm.  Makes for nice pictures I think.
 It also makes for a calming presence during the hectic times of the holidays.
And she continues on her way up to Lake Huron.

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