Thursday, December 24, 2015

Next, the Federal Yukon

The ships I was hoping to catch were in a pretty tight group.  This wasn't one of them though.
 As I started, the Federal Yukon was sitting in the Port Huron anchorage.  I assume she was there waiting for a pilot.  As I was monitoring AIS, she started to move.
 She is one of many salties that travel on the Great Lakes and she is one that has appeared on this blog before.  I do like the looks of some of them.
 She was heading from Goderich.  I would assume that she was picking up a load of grain but it's also possible she was picking up salt.
 Her destination is listed as Quebec on AIS, but I assume that she is heading further than that.
 The almost profile shot.
 A shot of her pilothouse.  Most foreign vessels require a pilot who is certified to sail on the Great Lakes.  I believe there are certain points that pilots are exchanged and Port Huron is one of them.  Because there are only so many pilots to go around, you sometimes will see salties at anchor off of Port Huron.
 Also, with many of the buoys removed, I don't think these vessels can sail at night but don't quote me on that.
She continues on her way.  She will sail past Detroit and through the Welland Canal.  I think it is a couple day trek for her.

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