Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Sam Laud and the Clouds

The sun decided to peak out for the next ship.
 And the sun was hitting her just right through the haze.  It looked kind of cool.
 I decided to get my smaller lens for this shot.  I loved the way that the sun was hitting the Blue Water Bridge.  I also liked the way it was hitting the ship.
 Roughly two days prior to this shot, the Sam Laud would have been in Silver Bay, Minnesota picking up a load of iron ore.  Silver Bay is roughly 2 hours to the northeast of Duluth.  I was thinking of going up there when I visited but a reason to do so never presented itself.  Based on pictures, it looks pretty nice.
 Roughly one day prior to this shot, she would have passed through the Soo Locks.  Depending on traffic, she may have gone through the MacArthur lock, as she would fit through that.  However, it's likely that she went through the Poe Lock.
 As I am writing this post, she would have arrived in her destination of Cleveland, Ohio.  Unless she was held up by the weather a bit.  At any rate, once she arrives there, she will dock at the dock next to Wendy Park where she will lighten her load a bit.  Then she will head down the Cuyahoga River to shuttle ore to the steel mill there.
 And this picture is the reason for the title.  I just loved the way this one turned out.
And she continues down the river.

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