Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ida in the Fog

I was able to catch one more ship yesterday.
 My last ship of the day was the salty Ida.  I presume she was heading down from Thunder Bay with a load of grain.  But I'm not sure.  I saw there were a couple more ships coming up but I wanted to head over to the train store.  Plus, I think one of them ended up stopping at the St. Clair Power Plant with a split load.
 She was built in 1995 and is owned by Johann M.K. Blumenthal company out of Hamburg, Germany.
 She has a lenght of 486 feet with a 74 foot beam.  This gives her a carrying capacity of 18,796 tons.
 I just love the way the fog obscure some of the stuff in this shot.
 And this one.
 I managed to catch a seagull as it flew by.
 She makes the turn towards the main channel.

 An almost beam shot.
 For a salty, flags on this mast are called courtesy flags.  They are flown in respect of the country whose waters the ship is sailing in.  She already had the Stars and Stripes up.  So she ended up adding a Maple Leaf to the mix.
 She continues down the water.
On the back is the flag of the country she is registered in.  In this case, Liberia.   She is heading to the Irish port of Greenore.

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