Friday, December 18, 2020

A Stop at the Airport

 And then I decided to stop at the airport.  I saw that I had a chance to catch some 757s.

This was not a 757 but I took a picture of it anyway.  A CRJ-900 coming in from Harrisburg, PA.
Followed by one from Jacksonville.
And then another from Dulles Airport in Washington DC.
An Embrear 170 coming in from Charlotte.
This was a pretty neat catch.  A Cessna Caravan arriving from Jefferson, Indiana.
A CRJ-200 coming from Buffington, Vermont.
Another angle of that plane.
A CRJ-900 coming in from Norfolk.
And an E170 coming in from Cleveland.
A CRJ-900 coming in from Windsor Locks.
An A319 from LaGuardia.
Another angle of that plane.
And then I got to the 757s.
The first one was arriving from Atlanta.
Multiple angles because I like the plane.
The sky was blue for a period.
And one more.
A 757 arriving from Orlando.
An E175 coming in from Portland, Maine.
An A320 coming in from Boston.
I'm not sure where this plane was coming in from.
A 737 coming in from Denver.
And one more 757.
This one was arriving from Fort Myers, Florida.
It was the -300 version.
The sky was still gray in some spots.
And it wasn't in others.
I like having clouds in my shots.
And probably my favorite of the day.

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