Saturday, December 12, 2020

The American Integrity Passes Belle Isle

 So I'm getting around to doing my pictures from last weekend.  I haven't been terribly motivated to post them but I have enjoyed taking them.  Anyway, I looked at Marine Traffic last weekend and I saw that I had a chance to catch two thousand footers plus two salties.  That made me decided to head down to Belle Isle to catch them.

First up was the American Integrity.  I think she was heading down to Conneaut.  I've been seeing American Steamship ships heading there quite a bit.
It was nice to see this ship especially since it seems like there is so little integrity left in America.
Anyway, because I don't remember exactly where she was heading, I'm not sure what she was carrying.
If in fact, she was going to Conneaut, she would have been carrying taconite.
And if she was carrying taconite, I think she was heading down from Two Harbors.
I like how the smoke makes it look like she has rabbit ears.
So then I switched to the drone.  It was a little on the cold side but not too windy.
I think I like this shot from my drone.  These giants look pretty huge from the ground but seeing them from the air is even more impressive.
She continues on her way.  I think she was doing about 8 knots so I was able to keep my drone with her.
She gives me the almost beam shot.

And the beam shot.
And she continues on.
And one more shot.

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