Sunday, December 20, 2020

Catching the Algoma Conveyor

 This was one of the ships I was hoping to catch.

I think the Algoma Conveyor was coming down from Goderich but I don't remember where she was heading.
Coming down from Goderich means that she was carrying salt.
Given the way our winter has been so far, I have feeling that we are going to need it.
It's been fairly mild so far but the weather says that we are going to have a white Christmas.
If the past few years are any guide, it probably will be a pretty nasty white Christmas.
At least with working at home, I don't have to drive in it.
She almost reaches the Ambassador Bridge.
She is approached by the Westcott.
She starts to pass the Bridge.
The Westcott nuzzled at her side.
At about this time, a bucket would be coming down from the Conveyor to retrieve whatever the Westcott is delivering them.
The Algoma Conveyor continues down the river.
The Westcott sounds her horn to announce that she is pulling away and the Algoma Conveyor responds.
One more picture with the Westcott well away from the ship.

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